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Posted in Commentary on January 27, 2009 by a gamer

So my wife tells me that my blog is “too boring”. Which I guess I agree with. There are only three blogs I read on anything like a daily basis (one about writing, gaming, and one about whatever the hell pops into his head). Max Barry’s blog is updated at only very irregular intervals as is Cockeyed. Scott Jennings’ blog is updated somewhat more frequently, which should come as no surprise considering he’s been doing it longer than most people have actually been on the internet. Since I don’t lead anything like the interesting lives of these people I haven’t spent much time posting to my blog. Which I didn’t think was really the point of my blog. Though when you get down right down to it I’m doing this on the internet instead of in a spiral bound notebook a-la Seven because as it turns out I have this morbid desire to publicize the fact that I’m a geek (more on this below) and a pack rat. In any event I haven’t got a whole lot in mind for what to post other than what I have so far. I could write reviews of each of the games I play but I honestly don’t see much point in it.

For some reason I haven’t figured out yet my wife reads Wil Wheaton Dot Net regularly so she compares my blog with his. Which I don’t think is very fair. By dint of my own blog’s topic it should abundantly clear that I am totally a geek (which I guess highlights her interest in geeky males… I mean, he’s frickin’ Wesley Crusher!) I also like to think that I’m a moderately capable writer. By comparison he’s apparently a published author as in you can go to a bookstore (or at least a comic book shop) and buy a copy of one of his several books. Now, given that she’s been reading his site for a couple of years I have on occasion read posts of his at her urging and I’ll freely admit that he’s a better writer than I am.

So this morning she tells me about a recent post showing a video of him at some convention somewhere singing Livin’ On A Prayer in Rock Band 2. In front of a live audience of tens of tens of people! Which was actually painful to watch. After a little introspection though I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s painful not because he’s achieved some extra-dimensional level of geekdom and I pity him, but because I WANT TO DO THAT! I want to play in front of people. Twice now I’ve gone to my local Best Buy for no real reason other than to play that song on the PS3 display and wow passersby with my score of 98% on Expert (playing the bass). In high school I was in a garage band (playing the bass) and of course we all had delusions of adequacy and dreamed about the hordes of hot groupies we would attract. Sadly, the biggest audience we ever played for was three people (two significant others and some dude who was just there) in my garage. So as it turns out Rock Band 2 is the closest I will ever get to being in a band and playing good music. Instant gratification of a twenty year old daydream.

Oh… and if you didn’t put two and two together, it’s taking me a long time to finish Ultima IV because I’ve been playing the shit out of Rock Band 2.


The List

Posted in Commentary on December 6, 2008 by a gamer

This is the list of the games that I have. Most of them are for a DOS or Windows system, but there are a handful for my Commodore 64 as well.

The Beginning

Posted in Commentary on December 6, 2008 by a gamer

I am a gamer.  I have been a gamer for a long time.  I have a lot of games.  For a variety of reasons I have not beaten/completed/won all of them.  It’s time that I do.  For no reason other than “because I can” I am going to document the whole damn thing.  I have seen a few other blogs/sites dedicated to a similar task, but with a focus on the Ultima series.  I also happen to be a great fan of the Ultima games, and will be starting this odyssey with Ultima I.